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Torchwood Institute RPG - The Jack + Donna Community
Torchwood Institute RPG
We're looking for more members to join our forum roleplay for Torchwood, which brings together many of all shows characters together to work together to solve the impending problem of the Rift. It's set after Series 3 of Doctor Who and Series 1 of Torchwood, but includes some events from the ensuing series, including the arrival as Donna as the new companion and openings for new characters from the recent series.

We're looking for some canons, but people are welcome to make original characters. This is how our available canons list currently stands:

The Doctor
PC Andy Davidson
Captain John Hart
Bilis Manger
Beth Halloran
Jenny (Smith?)
Dr Thomas Milligan
Sarah-Jane Smith
Mickey Smith
Jake Simmonds
Aaron Copley
Ruth Jones
Emily Holroyd
Alice Guppy

And also another other free character who has been in the series or books. Contact me for more details.

Interested? Check out the link below:

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