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Vid - The Jack + Donna Community
I was trying to find some Jack/Donna vids on youtube to rec, but I only found one. =/ Anywho, this is NOT MINE, I'm merely RECing it.

Title: Uptown Girl
Creator: josieruby1 (youtube name)
Summary: Um...it's a Jack/Donna vid that I'm rec'ing?
Disclaimer: Vid created by josieruby1, clips belong to BBC, etc., music is...um...huh yeah I don't know what version of song this is. It doesn't say...*shrugs*
Notes: Again, not mine, just rec'ing.

OH! And skip to the 30 second mark. (the first 30secs are Doc/Rose--I have no idea why)

Uptown Girl (Jack/Donna)
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